J-ISPIN has awarded the winners of the IPIN conference with the best paper award and looks forward to publishing their papers in the IEEE open access journal shortly.

October 18, 2023
Valerie Renaudin

J-ISPIN has awarded the #winners of the #IPIN conference with the #best #paper #award and looks forward to publishing their papers in the IEEE open access journal shortly.

🏆 At this year's IPIN23 conference, two papers were declared best papers.

👉 "A Measurement Platform for the Evaluation of Sparse Acoustic Array Geometries" by Georg Fischer, Niklas Thiedecke, Andrea Gabbrielli, Thomas Schaechtle, Fabian Höflinger, Alexander Stolz and Stefan J. Rupitsch

👉 "Multipath Delay Estimation in Complex Environments using Transformer" by Jonathan Ott, Maximilian StahlkeSebastian KramTobias Feigl and Christopher Mutschler