special session "Next-Gen Precise Positioning and Seamless Navigation: From Classical Signal Processing to AI" at APSCON 2025

July 11, 2024
Scope of the Special Session

This special session will explore the applicability of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and their integration in various sensor data fusion including the newly emerged 5G, 6G network data for precise positioning and seamless navigation systems in satellite-signal denied areas. Traditional signal processing methods are increasingly being supplemented or replaced by AI-driven approaches, offering enhanced accuracy, robustness, and efficiency. Topics will cover state-of-the-art AI algorithms, various machine learning models, and deep learning techniques applied to various sensors and data sources to enable the precise positioning and seamless navigation in complex urban environments.

Topics of the Special Session
  • AI, machine/deep learning for intelligent and seamless positioning
  • Hybridisation of AI and classical signal processing approaches
  • Intelligent sensor fusion or multiple signal sources for enhanced positioning accuracy
  • Accurate and Efficient positioning: compression, clustering, approximate computing
  • Mobility models for seamless positioning and navigation
  • Case studies and real-world implementations:
    Integrated sensing and positioning for autonomous and intelligent vehicles
    Integrated localization and communications for 6G systems
    Intelligent in-home monitoring and e-Health
    Mobility aid for disabled persons
    Navigation solutions for emergency rescue workers

The best 2 papers of this session will be encouraged to submit the extended versions of the papers to the open access journal "IEEE Journal of Indoor and Seamless Positioning and Navigation (J-ISPIN)", and if accepted, the APC will be waived for publication (this is US$ 1995).